Heather O'Donnell
  • Pink Poems Every morning when you leave I’m a jam jar on the cusp of opening in a pressurized clack Ownership is antiquated and very modern I was sold to you, but only as an idea planted in the folds of your brain during fertilization I really desire more of everything, more mirrors and speckled bowls. I […] 4 min read
  • A Conversation with Emily Wylde Emily Wylde is a photographer and illustrator from Ayr, Scotland, working from Glasgow. You can see more of Emily’s creative work at emilywylde.co.uk, or on Instagram @emilywylde. Keep up with Ghost Girls on Facebook, Instagram @ghostgirlssociety, Twitter @ghostgirlsclub, or IRL on the first Friday of every month at Bloc+ Glasgow. 29 min read