We’re accepting submissions for creative writing, art, and music on a rolling basis. Each issue has a theme which will be announced on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but we use this as a launching point rather that a strict guideline. We welcome work outside of the theme at all times.

The theme for ISSUE 02 is LAND. This could mean ideas of home, belonging, cities, safe spaces, space exploration, earth exploration, immigration, invasion, ownership, palestine, inheritance, nation, nationalism, geographical islands, metaphorical islands, the environment and how we’re fucking it up, the environment and how we’re trying to save it, the environment and how greenhouse gases are finally giving scotland the summers it deserves, patti smith’s ‘there is no land but the land’, woody guthrie’s ‘this land is your land’, la la land, no man’s land, the quanta of the land, spooky action at a distance, dreamland or dystopias. (Don’t say we don’t help you out.)

The deadline for submissions to LAND is July 5th.

Please read below closely for advice on sending the best possible submission. We promise to keep it brief so you can spend the most time creating.

Creative Writing

We invite you to send 3 – 5 poems that have not been published online or in print. Let us know if you become published elsewhere and we will give you an open invitation to re-submit. We retain no copyright over your work, but please allow for a brief period of two weeks exclusivity. Please include a PDF when sending concrete poetry to maintain the visual element. Experimental forms are welcomed – we want your predictive text poetry.

Short Story
Maximum 3,500 words. This can be a single story or a combination. If your work is longer, it can potentially be split over multiple issues.

Flash Fiction
Maximum 1,000 words. We encourage styles of extreme brevity including the six-word story, 140-character stories (also known as twitterature), the dribble (50 words), the drabble (100 words), and sudden fiction (750 words). Hemingway eat your heart out.

Essays, Articles and Non-Fiction
We welcome interesting and creative non-fiction in any form. All articles and essays must be exclusive to ZO.

Visual Art and New Media

We welcome visual art and media submissions such as illustration, painting, photography, short films and documentaries. We’re also interested in new and emerging media, including video art, music, and web art.

Successful submissions will be developed into a feature on the site which may include an interview and/or a piece of writing about your work. Please review our previous issues to get an idea of how we feature art (and if in doubt, get in touch!)

Submit your work via email attachments or a link to your portfolio, website or representative work.


We’re currently running a series of interviews with artists who play at Dukebox, a monthly recorded music showcase at Dukes Bar in Glasgow. If you’re interested in playing, please get in touch.

We welcome music submissions outside of this too. Please send us your songs or a link to your videos or soundcloud. Successful music submissions will be published alongside an interview with you unless there is a strong visual element, such as multiple creative music videos.


If your work falls into any of the above categories and/or you’ve started your own creative project such as a chapbook, festival, club night, exhibition, etc, and you think we might be interested in an interview, we’d love to hear from you.

If  you’d like to interview someone for the magazine, send us a pitch for the interview, including some information on their work and what you plan to discuss.

Everything Else

If your ideas don’t fit into any of these categories but you think we might be interested, get in touch. We’re also very open to combining work from these categories, so if you’d like to illustrate your poetry for example, please let us know.

All submissions should be sent to lauren@zomag.co.uk to be reviewed by the team. We’ll do our best to take no longer than a month to give you feedback on your submission.

Thanks for your time!